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There’s just something a little embarrassing about counting out pennies and dimes at the register – at least, that’s how I felt till a trip to the hardware store the other day.

I always hated using cash because, like writing a check, it felt like it held up the line to count it all out. It feels like people are thinking, “What era are you from? Where’s your card?” I didn’t want to be lumped in with those crazy couponers (used to be one of those too) who would take an hour to check out on triple coupon day.

Well, the other day we needed to wash the cars (don’t want to leave salt on them), but the only hose we had that reached the driveway busted over the summer after many years of service. So, we counted the cost of taking the cars to the car wash or buying a new hose. We decided to buy the hose, but where would we get the money?

Enter the giant bag of change. That’s right, we stood at the self-checkout and deposited about $20 worth of change (several dollars of that in just pennies) into the register one coin at a time. Thankfully, they weren’t busy, but it was so humbling to be standing there with the husband as we took turns dropping in the change.

No one made fun of us, but we got some pretty huge grins on the way out. After that experience, I don’t remotely have a problem digging change out of my purse when I go to the store. I’ll say, “Hang on, I’ve got the 38 cents.”

Kind of brings new meaning to the title of this blog.