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I am absolutely amazed at how making the decision not to co-sign on a student loan for our son is transforming our financial vision. It is as though standing up and saying “NO” to the norm has fanned our “live like no one else” flame. We exercised our financial muscles with that decision and grew stronger as a result. It is easier to say no to other things now, but I’ve found myself saying “yes” too.

Which leads me to the whole point of this post, which is to say, I think I’m becoming a “Dave Ramsey” junkie. Can you “crave Dave”? I don’t know for sure, but the husband chuckles every time he comes into my office and hears the Dave Ramsey Show playing. He’s calling me “one of those people”. I’m not sure what people he’s talking about but I’m choosing to believe they must be intelligent genius types. I might be a little biased… maybe.

He’s one to talk though because the other night we were trying to decide what to do during our “at-home-date-night” and he suggested we listen to some of Dave’s Rants. If he comes upstairs to print something, he’ll stop and listen to the show for a minute or two before heading back to work. If he hears me burst out laughing, he’ll come in and ask what Dave said that was so funny.

Joking aside, the biggest benefit I’m getting from listening to Dave and reading his posts is the motivation and encouragement to press on and do this thing!

I get teary-eyed almost every time I hear someone scream “I’m debt freeeeee!” I get inspired by the turning points. I become wistfully excited over the millionaire hours. And the rants, well, those are intervention moments that recovering debt-addicts need… plus they are sometimes funny.

It’s like entertainment and education all rolled into one. And let’s face it, I’m probably not going to tune in if it isn’t at least a little funny because shoveling your way out of debt is heavy enough all by itself.

Nah, I’m not addicted to Dave Ramsey, but I sure am thankful for the message he’s spreading. Oops, gotta go, my phone just told me “The Dave Ramsey Show is LIVE now”…