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EveryDollar is cool and I so wish it worked for us, but it doesn’t really fit our bi-weekly budgeting style. Well, I guess it doesn’t fit my style. I think the husband would be just fine with it, but since I’m the one who plays the “nerd”, I prefer my zero-budget spreadsheet.

Because we have an account with them, I get their emails. Usually they are reminding me to do my monthly zero budget (which I do bi-weekly), but this time we’re being asked to set some goals for the new year. They are calling it the “EveryDollar December Challenge“.

Soooo, here goes!

Next year, we will (Lord, willing)…

  • Build our initial 2017 budget spreadsheets. – done
  • Continue having at least 1 budget committee meeting per month.
  • Continue giving every dollar a name each payday (zero-budgeting).
  • Pay down our Debt Snowball by at least $18,892.86.
  • Pay off at least one of our five remaining debt balances.
  • Increase our giving category by at least 1%.

These aren’t exciting goals, or even fun ones (except the giving), but they should position us closer to that positive mark on the financial ruler. I plan to give an update on the progress of these goals once a month when I post our “Baby Steppin’” updates.