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This was the final week of the class. It was kind of weird knowing it was over but we’ve got so far to go. We’ll probably take the class again next year.

Still, the final lesson was great. Dave talked about giving, which is a topic that isn’t always well received. We already knew what a “tithe” was, and already knew our giving was on the low side. We’re not up to 10% yet, but our plan is to gradually increase till we reach that level.

We’re in full blown debt snowball mode, but we made an immediate increase of 1%. Yes, I know, that seems pathetic, but it’s something. We also wrote up a plan for any merit raises and bonuses in the new year.

If we get a merit raise (the company has frozen them before), we plan to add the entire amount to the giving category instead of using it to pay down debt faster. If we get a bonus, we’ll give away 10% of it.

I’m looking forward to having more opportunity to give once we get through all these baby steps. For now, we’ll just keep plugging along. I’m planning to keep posting a monthly update on our baby step progress.