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Over the weekend we slept in like so many do. When we finally managed to surface, we were hungry.

I wanted pancakes… right then. I mentioned ordering them from a local joint, to which the husband replied:

“Why don’t we make some.”

Grumble. I didn’t want to make them because I was hungry… right then.

He pointed out that it would be cheaper if we made our own.

“How much cheaper?” I really hoped it would prove worth it not to have to wait for breakfast.

So, we looked up the cost of pancakes for us and the kids from the local spot. $14 for 5 whole pancakes. Ouch. Still, I didn’t want to spend the next hour preparing breakfast.

The husband chuckled saying, “these are some of the difficult decisions we must make if we want to ‘live like no one else’.”

We ended up compromising and fixing something we could nuke that we already had at the house. It turned out I didn’t need pancakes but I did need breakfast sooner rather than later.

This wasn’t a matter of not having $14 in our food envelope, we did. It was a matter of how much are pancakes worth to us. The husband pointed out that this time it was me trying to convince him to spend the money, but next time the roles would likely be reversed. He was probably already thinking about a thirty dollar plate of his favorite Indian food.

I told you, we were hungry.

As much as I thought I wanted those fluffy pancakes, I was so glad we didn’t just run right out and get them. It felt much better to save our money.