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At first, when I remembered I had started this blog, I mentally beat myself up for getting distracted again so quickly. And then I decided it really didn’t matter at this point. I cannot change the past year, but I can move on from here.

We had fallen back into old habits, rather quickly actually, because obviously a home refinance doesn’t solve all of one’s financial woes. Nor does it address the behaviors, emotions, etc behind our actions. Then we had a series of unfortunate events and more poor money decisions.

Recently we visited a church and happened to arrive on the first day of a new series on “Stewardship”. Instantly, I thought, “Oh no, this is going to be convicting.”

I was right.

However, I felt something stir down deep, and thankfully, the husband had the same experience. We came home, discussed what we’d heard and decided it was time to make some changes, together. The first was the decision to finish out the sermon series at that church.

The following day, we went on an almost two hour hike and discussed things further. We decided to sign up for a local Financial Peace class. Our first session is tonight and boy am I nervous. Part of me wants to continue to hide from the money issues and forget I ever made those goals in my last post. Nevertheless, things have to change.

Our kit arrived today and, in true nerd fashion, I have already opened the box and examined everything in it (chuckling over the labels on the included pencil and eraser). I shouted, “Look honey, here’s an eraser with your name on it.” He clearly wasn’t as excited as myself, but it did get a grin.

Still, I am encouraged that he is not only willing to go, he actually said it was a good idea. I wonder if he knew he would get an eraser?

I can see this is going to take some dedication and patience. In the past, I’ve just taken over and run the finances… until I got tired of it all being on me… then it would all come unraveled for a bit until I yanked back the reins and started the cycle all over again. This time, we plan to work together.

We agreed we needed the accountability of going through this with a class. I think agreeing on something in this area is a good start.